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The MC30C Frigate is a Tier II heavy cruiser from the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars. Although not possessing the health and shield points seen in other Mon Calamari ships, the frigate compensates with extra speed and small profile, allowing the frigate to dodge a numerous number of shots. In lore, the MC30C frigate were originally used as city ships before being retrofitted for war. Being one the fastest frigates produced by Mon Calamari Shipyards, these frigates were capable of inflicting major damage against warships in a short period of time.


  • Unlike most Mon Calamari ships, the MC-30C is designed to be a high-speed attack craft. With its torpedoes and concussion missiles, it is best to move around while firing to get the best maximum output and survivability.

In-game Description

A heavy frigate design hailing from the Mon Calamari shipyards, the MC-30C was built as a small skirmisher warship that could comfortably nip at the heels of larger imperial fleets and put considerable pressure on any poorly captained ships of the Empire. Being the fastest ship of its type and armed with deadly proton torpedoes, it could harass and distract an ISD sufficiently for an extended period of time, carrying enough of a threat to warrant attention from turbolasers that would be more suited to use against larger ships. The biggest drawback of the ship was its frailty to all forms of damage, its thin armor even failing upon meeting particularly nasty hazards of everyday space travel, let alone attacks from TIE bombers which proved to be the ship's biggest threat.


  • Lacks the Mon Cala shielding present in ships like the MC-80 and MC-90. Received Mon Cala shielding as of 07/29/21.
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